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In-school training

Over the last 14 years Tom Bennett has worked with hundreds of schools in the UK and overseas, building training platforms to suit their needs, time scales and resources. Teaching and leading is the art of the possible, and we always endeavour to fit our delivery to your circumstances and school context.

This means that we regularly put together tailored training for a huge variety of schools, and we’d be happy to do so for you if requested, and our schedules permit. Some of our most popular options include:


  • Leadership training
  • Whole school training
  • Targeted group training
  • Individual coaching

Consultation work

  • Behaviour policies
  • School and classroom routines
  • Building a whole school culture
  • Behaviour modification
  • Making in-school behaviour units effective
  • NQT classroom basics
  • Designing whole-school systems
  • Using behaviour data
  • The most effective staff behaviours
  • Features of the most successful schools
  • Features of the most effective teachers
  • Refresher courses for experienced staff
  • Using psychology to persuade
  • Trouble shooting where the problems are
  • The most common mistakes teachers and schools make.

Online training

Some clients prefer to conduct training online, especially during current circumstances. We offer webinars, key note speeches, consultations and bespoke online training.

What is the format?

In terms of format, some schools have appreciated the following:

Option A:
Whole school behaviour session (1 hour) followed by 1 hour workshop, followed by 1/2 hour Q&A

Option B:
Targeted group training: general principles and strategies (1 hour) followed by workshop (1 hour)

Option C:
One day mixed package: One hour leadership team workshop; 45 minute school tour with leaders plus feedback on systems; meeting with student council; meeting with NQTs; training for targeted groups (pastoral leaders etc); whole school session; feedback to senior staff/ head teacher/ governors.

Option D:
Online training. Web training available by request- please contact us for details

Upcoming courses

10th June – Running the Room: better behaviour for school teachers – Tom Bennett

Webinar with Tom Bennett. Purchase Tickets

17th June – Running the School: a leader’s guide to behaviour management

Webinar with Tom Bennett. Purchase Tickets

8th July 2024 – Building relationships with a challenging class- with Tom Bennett

Webinar with Tom Bennett. Purchase Tickets

10th July 2024 – Creating your own behaviour curriculum- a guide

Webinar with Tom Bennett.Purchase Tickets

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We would be happy to tailor any of these options to fit online training, as required.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs and to ask for a quote. Contact for more information [email protected] or use our online form.